What is this?

Since 2013 I've made it a tradition to create an annual mixtape before Christmas.

Significant music from the course of the year is curated into a playlist and shared with friends. Some of it may be new, some old, I might have been to a gig, missed a gig, seen a film, heard something on the radio, or I have a special memory associated with a song. The Mix is almost always eclectic and although not all of it will be to your taste, you might just find something you like.

I design a cover and annotate each choice of track. As with any form of diary, sometimes it only makes sense to me.

My year of 2020

2016 has been extreme. With the deaths of icons, the shock of Brexit, Trump’s victory, a refugee crisis the list of blows goes on. To contrast,  I’ve had a year filled with travel, friends, fun, and achievements including snowboarding, NOS Alive in Lisbon, Smithers & Ali’s wedding in Charleston and finally breaking a sub 3 marathon in Chicago. 

Thank you to every person who has shared memorable experiences and in some way contributed to RORY's EXTREME 2016. 


How do I get it?

The Mixtape track-listing

Coming shortly - after the nappy-change.